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New site!

Hello everyone! I am super excited to share that I have migrated from to my own domain which is:


The change will allow me to have more access to customizable plugins and challenge me to learn more about managing my own domain. I am excited and I hope you will continue to follow me at the new site. There is a email subscription option on the side bar and users should also have the option of following. I am still learning about other following options so there may be more options in the future.

If you use another blogroll reader such as you can find the blog and follow it here. Make sure to click on the one with followers because it is the .com site.

Thanks for following and let the adventures continue!


My Pregnancy So Far…

We were fortunate enough that I got pregnant as soon as we started trying and people are often surprised by this. I know for a fact that it is harder to get pregnant the older you are and once you get into your mid-thirties it becomes more difficult so the fact that it was so quick for me shouldn´t be that much of a surprise since I am only in my late twenties. Prime baby making time! My mother warns me that the second one may not come as easily since it took a while for her to get pregnant with me. (I am child number 2.) We will just have to wait and see when the time comes. Right now, I am just grateful to be pregnant with my first!

I may have been lucky with the fast pregnancy but that didn´t stop me from going through a good three weeks or so of nauseousness and extreme exhaustion. It is so crazy how tired I was and I felt like I wasn´t doing anything at all. However, when you think about it, making a human being requires a lot of energy and just because nothing is showing on the outside, the biological machine is cranking away inside my uterus. It is absolutely fascinating when I think about how two very simple pieces create such a complex being. Anyway, after only feeling rested on 14 hours of sleep or more, I finally got over the 1st trimester hump and my energy came back to the point where even now, I sometimes forget that I am pregnant. It is only at night when I can´t seem to find a comfortable position or when I find myself on my back with my bladder completely compressed by the baby. I can´t complain too much because I have been able to continue with my job with nothing but a slight dizzy spell from a drop in blood pressure. Everyone has been really supportive at work which is a definite perk of working at an all female school where all the staff are female as well. There are, on average, 3 pregnancies a year among the teachers. We celebrated a baby shower for a teacher at the beginning of this year that was really fun. I can´t wait for baby shower fun for baby Leah!

It is also important to note that Peru has a 3 month maternity leave policy that all employers have to follow. It is a federal law and while it would be awesome if it was 6 months, I can´t complain because the United States doesn´t have a federal maternity leave law. I will cherish what I can get!

I am trying to stay healthy and fit during all of this because I know how easy it is to put on the pounds and how hard it seems to take them off afterward from what I have heard and read. Breast feeding will help shed the pounds but keeping off extra extra weight will make it that much easier. For that reason I am doing squats and lat drops every other day and swimming at least once if not twice a week at the military school pool. I have been super busy and with a cold this past week or so and because of that I haven´t been swimming as much as I would like but that will be changing tomorrow as I get back into it. I was also told by my midwife not to eat any sugar apart from what is found naturally in fruit. I cheat occasionally with a cracker or cookie here and there but it is only once every two or three days. I eat so much fruit and lots of veggies and I don´t drink any sugary drinks. I eat granola and oatmeal as well as quinoa and kiwicha. Yum. I am so lucky to have andean cereals at a hands reach and at a decent price. (Quinoa has gone up in price since it has become more popular in the States and Europe but it´s still affordable.)

Finally, I am keeping my skin nice and stretch mark free so far with Burt´s Bees Belly Butter. It is fantastic stuff. Even though I am not getting any money for plugging them, I will do it anyway because this stuff is great and doesn´t smell and doesn´t leave you feeling really greasy. It lasts a long time and it feels great. Let´s just hope the jar I have left will last until Leah comes along!

Welcome to Wawas in Peru!

101_8200Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog Wawas in Peru! As some of you may know, I have been keeping a blog since I decided to move to Peru. It started with Adventures in Cuzco, then morphed to Esto es Peru after I moved from Cuzco to Lima.  I will still be updating Esto es Peru from time to time with things that might not fit into the category of raising kids.

For anyone who has just found this blog, let me tell you a little bit about myself! I am in my late 20s and married to the most amazing man who happens to be a major in the Peruvian army. We met in Cuzco in 2011 and were married in 2012. We are expecting our first child in December so I am getting a head start with starting the blog before my life is consumed by feeding, changing diapers and getting in some sleep here and there.

I studied Spanish in undergrad and I play and teach the violin here in Peru. I am also a full-time English enrichment teacher at a private Catholic girls school. I get to sing songs and play games in English with kindergarteners. It is a pretty fantastic job and it definitely fulfills my strong interest in bilingual education.  I also sing in a professional choir called Coro Arpegio and have the pleasure of being able to sing in weddings with an amazing group of talented Peruvian women.

So why start another blog if I already have one? I wanted to create something more specific and a blog that could potentially help others who move abroad or just have an interest in what it is like raising kids as an expat. I have been following some great blogs written by mothers and fathers of friends as well as people I don’t know personally and I find them to be incredibly helpful and just all around fun to read. You never know when you might learn something that could be useful down the road and it is always nice to know that we go through so many of the same things in life and often feel alone. I want to make this space a place where people can relate and discuss as well as learn new things about what my situation as a mom is like here in Peru.

This blog will be dedicated to my adventures in becoming a new mom and it will also be deal with topics such as being an expat mom, an army wife/mom, raising bilingual kids, and the challenges and joys of raising kids outside of the United States. I may also write posts in Spanish from time to time but it will mostly be in English.

I am super excited to be starting this adventure and I hope you will come along for the ride and participate by commenting every now and then!