Pregnancy Update: Week 32

This week included me becoming slower in moving around and feeling the swell in my feet at the end of the day. Thank goodness for foot massage exchanges with hubby.

week 32

Comment/Event of the week: I had a 4D sonogram done on Monday and the results of the regular sonogram were fantastic. Leah is measuring two weeks larger than she is and she is physically perfect. She is healthy and in position with her head down. It made it somewhat difficult to take the pictures for the 4D but we will see what the results show. She has super big cheeks which doesn’t surprise me because I had huge cheeks too. At this rate she could easily come at the end of November or beginning of December. I have a feeling she will not be born on her expected due date (December 18th).

Sleep: I have this great long pillow in the form of a Dachshund (wiener dog) from Casa & Ideas that my husband bought for me a while back and he is really being put to good use now as a knee, belly, and head pillow. Gravity is being felt in full force with every movement I make at night. Bathroom trips happen between 2 and 5 times a night. Just getting the body ready to be woken up at all hours right?

Cravings: I am drinking a lot of milk. I wouldn’t say it is too much but I can always go for a glass of milk or milk with my oatmeal/coffee/vitamin mix in the morning. (Don’t worry, they are aren’t all mixed together!) I am relishing it because I know that you aren’t supposed to drink or eat lots of dairy when breast-feeding because sit interferes with human breast milk. I was given the recommendation of drinking cacao skin tea with a bit of coconut water mixed in during lactation. That sounds delicious to me!

Pre-natal class: This week was really fantastic in class. We were separated from the men and discussed our concerns about how our relationships will change after baby comes along. It was really nice to talk about it because the focus of the pre-natal classes is all about the relationship with the baby but the relationship between the partners is super important too. Some of the women expressed concerns with sex and how there won’t be as much of it after baby comes and while that might be true, I don’t think it is something that can’t be discussed and communicated to the partner. Everyone agreed that the continued success of any relationship is being communicative with one another. Most people can’t read each other’s minds so if we don’t talk we quickly lose a productive relationship. My husband told me that the men expressed their frustrations with their partners and how they have been difficult to deal with etc. and his response was that we decided that we are going to be happy and enjoy everything as much as possible even if it isn’t super fun. I love my husband. What a great attitude. It’s true though. We don’t expect things to be easy all the time but we keep gratitude with us all the time so whatever the situation we are able to come out positively. I feel like that will keep us from letting the frustrations of raising kids get to us.

Reading: This book has nothing to do with child-rearing but it is super interesting. It is called God and the New Physics by Paul Davies. It addresses all the metaphysical questions we have about life and tries to take a physics stance on questions that are often answered by theologians. It was written in 1983 but remains prevalent today.

Nesting: I don’t know if you noticed the pack n play covered by a sheet in the background of the belly photo but we are ready to go with our crib in our room.

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