Pregnancy Update: Week 30

Note: Oops! I am still a week behind. I have to get up to speed. This entry pertains to the week of the 2nd through the 10th of October. 

week 30

I had an excellent week. I think it had a lot to do with having a very easy week at school. On Monday we got to dress down and I wore the most comfortable maternity jeans. We had Olympics with the girls and enjoyed lots of games. On Tuesday we headed to El Arriero in Pachacamac. It is an interactive petting zoo and it was great. The students had a blast and we were able to pet and feed lots of animals. I will most likely put up posts about things to do in Lima shortly and start a list so people can find it on here when they search. I feel like there is a thread that goes around every month of so with someone new asking about what to do with kids in Lima. I am sure I will be on that much more when I need to find some good weekend activities.

Cravings: I have really been enjoying the breads lately and I know that white flours don’t do much for me other than pack on the pounds a bit. I have a delicious multi-cereal bread that I like though but sometimes it is really hard to pass up freshly baked bread that comes from Deli-Bakery. Something I really love about Peru is how bread is brought to your door on a daily basis. There is a specific horn that is blown to let people know that the bread guy is nearby. It’s awesome. 5 pieces of ciabatta bread for less than a dollar. Can’t beat that!

Currently Reading: Still working on The Doula Book but it has me convinced already that I want one during the birth.

Mental State: Super excited and relaxed because this week I have vacation from work and I have lots of things that I will be able to get done that have to get done before baby comes.

Pre-Natal Class: We didn’t go to class this week because my husband was busy with work but I did have my monthly control with Margot, my obstetrician. It all went really well and the baby was in position with her head down. Granted, she still has some more time before she won’t be able to flip herself around anymore but it is a good sign that she is getting ready for her grand entrance. I gained 2 kilos since last month but it’s all good because I am still in the average range of weight gain. I started at 79 kilos (160 lbs or so) and I am up to 87 kilos (174 lbs). I have only gained 8 kilos (16 lbs) so far and I have a feeling it will probably be around 12-13 kilos in total if I stay on track. My midwife told me that a woman should really only gain around 9 kilos (18 lbs). I am sorry, but that seems more on the light side. I have read that the average woman gains between 25 to 30 lbs (12-14 kilos) during pregnancy. I am down with that.

I also met a wonderful woman named Sarah Windle who is a certified midwife and obstetrician from the UK but studied in Australia. She offers her services as a doula. Perfect right? She accompanied me in my appointment and she took my blood pressure and found the baby’s heartbeat immediately with the doppler. Last time it took a good 5 minutes to find her heartbeat. I am so impressed with Margot and Sarah’s ability to determine what position the baby is in by feeling and massaging my belly. It’s so cool. I try and do it myself but I honestly can’t tell when she is head up or head down. All I know if that I feel kicks and punches all over the place. Anyway, I think I am going to request Sarah’s services. She said she is available for the predicted birth date and she will be a great support to have around. She gives off a great vibe.

Nesting: I am super lucky to get to hang out with a 3-year-old girl who is the daughter of a French woman and a Peruvian man. We speak English and play together. Since mom has two girls she has lots of newborn to 18 month clothes for girls. She offered doing an exchange. In exchange for my hour of playtime in English with her daughter she is giving me some clothing. This is fantastic! We will be set for at least the first year when it comes to clothing, especially since my mom is also bringing a lot of clothes from the States.


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