Pregnancy Update: Week 29

Note: Sorry this is a week late. I have had no internet at home for the past week so things have gotten a bit behind. 

This week has been nice and busy and I am feeling good, other than having sneezed half the day away. I have had bouts of what seems like allergies throughout this pregnancy and I have no idea if it is because I may be somewhat allergic to being pregnant or the weekends have more dust in them. Oh well. A tissue is always a grab away.

week 29

Cravings: I am enjoying a bit more salt on things but other than that I am managing well. I have yet to eat ice cream since returning from our vacation in August. Go me!

Reading: The Doula Book

Nesting: We bought three packs of Pampers diapers today. Part of me wants to go the ecological route and use the cloth diapers and another (wasteful) part of me doesn’t want to deal with the washings. At most I would be able to use them until the three-month mark when baby goes to the nursery. We took advantage of the sale at Metro today though. We saved 45 soles in buying three packs of 54-70 diapers. I figure, it won’t hurt as much psychologically if we buy diapers little by little over the next few months. That way we will be more than ready when the baby gets here.

New Discovery: I bought these adorable children’s hangers at Plaza Vea this week. I figure we could use these until the kids are at least 6 or 7 years old when their clothes finally get to big for the hangers. I also saw this awesome pin on pinterest about separating the clothing by size with hangers. We will see if I can stay that organized. I also bought a tie hanger for my husband and a strap that goes on the back of a door to hang bags, purses, and hats. I am on an organization kick right now if you didn’t notice.

Pre-Natal Class: Check out the previous post to see what this past week’s pre-natal class consisted of. I am happy to say that we did some physical partner activity this week. Slow dancing is a great technique to loosen up the hips and lower back. Who knew?

Mental State: Relaxed. Vacation is coming up and this week is super easy in terms of work so I am super happy. I get to wear street clothes to work tomorrow to! Time to bust out the one pair of maternity jeans I bought on vacation!

Comment of the week: “Estas enorme!” (aka “You’re huge!”) Haha! Thanks! I know. I am only going to get bigger too. I have to take it in stride because I know no one is saying it to make me feel bad. They tend to be just as excited if not more so about the growth. I am embracing it!

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