Teaching Kids Honesty

Honesty is such an important value and I stumbled across a blog entry today from Kids Activities Blog about teaching your child honesty. It made me think about how honesty is valued here in Peru. I have found that people here would rather save face and not show up to something and then give an excuse instead of being honest. This has happened to me multiple times with parents who go as far as to set up a meeting with me about violin lessons and then don´t show without as much as a phone call. When I do finally get in touch with the person, I get excuse after excuse. I would be a much happier person if you just told me that you don´t think lessons are a possibility right now for whatever reason.

This, of course, does not mean that all Peruvians are excuse makers and liars but there is a tendency to give excuses and I experienced more of it when I lived in Cusco. Often, there was a whiney voice to go along with it. I understand if something happens that wasn´t expected but you can tell me in a normal voice. Upping the pitch of your voice does not make me empathize more with you. I respect when someone tells me the truth and I keep that in mind for future reference. I do not hold grudges but I will be much happier to work with someone who takes responsibility and tries his or her best. I only hope to pass this value along to my children and this excellent post has provided some first clues as to how to go about doing it.


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