Pregnancy Update: Week 28

I really feel like I have popped. I know I was already showing but I am really feeling it now with my inability to reach down and grab things. I have to squat now which is fine since I want to keep my leg muscles nice and in shape for birth. I have relinquished my ability to squeeze into tight places (like into a car when there is another one parked right next to it) and passing by people (like my husband in the bathroom. I still underestimate how much room I actually need to get by him in the morning.)

28 weeks edited

Cravings: salads. Crunchy yummy greens.

Sleep: This is getting more difficult and not because I am uncomfortable. For some reason I am waking up even when it isn’t to go to the bathroom. Hmm. This doesn’t bode well for working through until I go into labor.

New Discovery: I found out that maternity leave starts as soon as a woman takes off from work even if the doctor puts her on bed rest. That means that any time I take off from work before the baby is born will be taken away from the 90 days I have after she is born. I don’t want that at all if I can avoid it. I will work through until labor starts. No problem (hopefully). The great thing is that Pakarii is three blocks from work so if I do go into labor at work, I am a hop skip and a jump from the birthing center.

Pre-natal Class: My husband and I started pre-natal classes last week at Pakarii and unfortunately, we weren’t too impressed. It ended up being an hour and a half of people introducing themselves and asking questions that could have been asked in a consultation. I did learn a few things about vaccinations (Tuberculosis vaccinations are given to babies within their first 30 days of life if the parents want it. Given that TB rates are higher here, I think we are going to opt for it even if we aren’t going to be riding in combis during my baby’s first month.) and at the end we had a nice meditation session but overall I didn’t get too much out of the class. Marco was hoping to learn some moves or techniques. The other issue is that some of the couples were on their fifth session and some on their first like us so it was a mixed class. I don’t really get how that works without people just repeating things over and over again. I really hope that this week is better and more structured. We will see!

Nesting: I picked up the pack n play. We have yet to put it together but I think we are going to wait a little while longer since there is no reason to put it up for it to get dusty when we still have a good 80 days to go.

Mental state: Anxious but in a good way. I am at the point of feeling like I have been pregnant a really long time and I still have a way to go but in reality 10-12 weeks is a very short amount of time.

Reading: The Secret of Happy Children by Steve Biddulph. I have actually finished it but I want to write some notes down because it is full of really great tips.

Finally, the baby is the size of an eggplant! Mmm, an eggplant parmesan sounds like a fantastic thing to make tonight. We’ll see if I have the energy.


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One thought on “Pregnancy Update: Week 28”

  1. Nice progress. Judy’s daughter is about 3 months behind you on her second child. We are having loads of fun with the first one, who is at the point of repeating words she hears. When she wants to be picked up, she says “uppy, peas” (up, please). Humpty-Dumpty is “dumpy” and a little blue Buddha figure we have on our coffee table is “Boo-ha”. You are in for lots of fun.


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