Book Review: In Mother Words by Susan Byrum Rountree

I always like getting book recommendations and there are plenty of books dealing with raising kids and all that comes along with it. I plan on posting book reviews of books related to raising kids whenever I finish one. I also write reviews of all the books I read at Feel free to comment and let me know what books you found to be super helpful during pregnancy or while raising your kids.


This book was a short and sweet compilation of vignettes that Susan Byrum Rountree put together from her years of being a mother. It starts with her journey as she takes her daughter home from the hospital and her mother tells her to give her a bath and finish with her daughter heading off to college. I like how Rountree writes. Her prose is eloquent but not over the top and she gives a real but sentimental take on being a mom.  I think this book might be a good metaphor for how many parents feel after they have gotten through raising kids. It had days of feeling super long but when looking back at it all, everyone always says that their kids grew up so fast. This is also not a parenting advice book. It is just a collection of Rountree’s experiences so there are no how-tos tied in or anything like that.

I enjoyed this book and had it on my bed stand as a nice way to end the night before heading off to bed. It was a light read and easy to read a few stories at a time.


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