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I went to a book fair yesterday at the Good Shepherd Church on Santa Cruz a few blocks up from Ovalo Guitierez. It was fantastic. I had never seen more books in English in one place here in Peru. They were all on sale 3 for 10 soles. I, of course, went directly to the children’s section first. I am working on building a library for my kids and constantly for myself. I have a library of around 20 books or so for adults and at least 30 to 40 now for the kids’ library.

I found some great kids books including a big thick paged bedtime rhymes book with practically every children’s rhyme I heard as a kid. I also lucked out and found a few Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood DVDs, a Bernstein Bears DVD and a few CDs with Lullaby and Baby Einstein Christmas music.

There are plenty of book exchanges in Lima and the South American Explorers Clubhouse has served very well for adult books but finding children’s books in English is a bit more difficult. I like exchanging books because I often find that most books I won’t ever read again. There are only a few that I have kept because I really like them a lot or they don’t belong to me. I am always super happy to give books away to friends or lend them out to anyone who is looking for something to read. Since there are no public libraries here like there are back in the States I have to make due.

A wonderful thing about living in this day and age of the internet and the kindle is that if there is a book that I am just dying to have, I can always find it on Amazon and download it to my kindle. I am sure I will download some books for my kids eventually as well but physically having a book is so much better for kids when they are learning to read. There is something so awesome about actually holding a book in your hands and turning the pages. I also found a great website where kids and their parents can read books online and for every book read online an actual book is donated to a school where resources are scarce. It is called I have used it a few times to read a book to my students. Access to reading materials is so important to the growth and learning of a child and this website does even more with their mission.

In the meantime I am going to get back to a book I found at the book fair this weekend called “In Mother Words”. I will be sure to give a review of it when I am finished.


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