My Pregnancy So Far…

We were fortunate enough that I got pregnant as soon as we started trying and people are often surprised by this. I know for a fact that it is harder to get pregnant the older you are and once you get into your mid-thirties it becomes more difficult so the fact that it was so quick for me shouldn´t be that much of a surprise since I am only in my late twenties. Prime baby making time! My mother warns me that the second one may not come as easily since it took a while for her to get pregnant with me. (I am child number 2.) We will just have to wait and see when the time comes. Right now, I am just grateful to be pregnant with my first!

I may have been lucky with the fast pregnancy but that didn´t stop me from going through a good three weeks or so of nauseousness and extreme exhaustion. It is so crazy how tired I was and I felt like I wasn´t doing anything at all. However, when you think about it, making a human being requires a lot of energy and just because nothing is showing on the outside, the biological machine is cranking away inside my uterus. It is absolutely fascinating when I think about how two very simple pieces create such a complex being. Anyway, after only feeling rested on 14 hours of sleep or more, I finally got over the 1st trimester hump and my energy came back to the point where even now, I sometimes forget that I am pregnant. It is only at night when I can´t seem to find a comfortable position or when I find myself on my back with my bladder completely compressed by the baby. I can´t complain too much because I have been able to continue with my job with nothing but a slight dizzy spell from a drop in blood pressure. Everyone has been really supportive at work which is a definite perk of working at an all female school where all the staff are female as well. There are, on average, 3 pregnancies a year among the teachers. We celebrated a baby shower for a teacher at the beginning of this year that was really fun. I can´t wait for baby shower fun for baby Leah!

It is also important to note that Peru has a 3 month maternity leave policy that all employers have to follow. It is a federal law and while it would be awesome if it was 6 months, I can´t complain because the United States doesn´t have a federal maternity leave law. I will cherish what I can get!

I am trying to stay healthy and fit during all of this because I know how easy it is to put on the pounds and how hard it seems to take them off afterward from what I have heard and read. Breast feeding will help shed the pounds but keeping off extra extra weight will make it that much easier. For that reason I am doing squats and lat drops every other day and swimming at least once if not twice a week at the military school pool. I have been super busy and with a cold this past week or so and because of that I haven´t been swimming as much as I would like but that will be changing tomorrow as I get back into it. I was also told by my midwife not to eat any sugar apart from what is found naturally in fruit. I cheat occasionally with a cracker or cookie here and there but it is only once every two or three days. I eat so much fruit and lots of veggies and I don´t drink any sugary drinks. I eat granola and oatmeal as well as quinoa and kiwicha. Yum. I am so lucky to have andean cereals at a hands reach and at a decent price. (Quinoa has gone up in price since it has become more popular in the States and Europe but it´s still affordable.)

Finally, I am keeping my skin nice and stretch mark free so far with Burt´s Bees Belly Butter. It is fantastic stuff. Even though I am not getting any money for plugging them, I will do it anyway because this stuff is great and doesn´t smell and doesn´t leave you feeling really greasy. It lasts a long time and it feels great. Let´s just hope the jar I have left will last until Leah comes along!


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