Welcome to Wawas in Peru!

101_8200Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog Wawas in Peru! As some of you may know, I have been keeping a blog since I decided to move to Peru. It started with Adventures in Cuzco, then morphed to Esto es Peru after I moved from Cuzco to Lima.  I will still be updating Esto es Peru from time to time with things that might not fit into the category of raising kids.

For anyone who has just found this blog, let me tell you a little bit about myself! I am in my late 20s and married to the most amazing man who happens to be a major in the Peruvian army. We met in Cuzco in 2011 and were married in 2012. We are expecting our first child in December so I am getting a head start with starting the blog before my life is consumed by feeding, changing diapers and getting in some sleep here and there.

I studied Spanish in undergrad and I play and teach the violin here in Peru. I am also a full-time English enrichment teacher at a private Catholic girls school. I get to sing songs and play games in English with kindergarteners. It is a pretty fantastic job and it definitely fulfills my strong interest in bilingual education.  I also sing in a professional choir called Coro Arpegio and have the pleasure of being able to sing in weddings with an amazing group of talented Peruvian women.

So why start another blog if I already have one? I wanted to create something more specific and a blog that could potentially help others who move abroad or just have an interest in what it is like raising kids as an expat. I have been following some great blogs written by mothers and fathers of friends as well as people I don’t know personally and I find them to be incredibly helpful and just all around fun to read. You never know when you might learn something that could be useful down the road and it is always nice to know that we go through so many of the same things in life and often feel alone. I want to make this space a place where people can relate and discuss as well as learn new things about what my situation as a mom is like here in Peru.

This blog will be dedicated to my adventures in becoming a new mom and it will also be deal with topics such as being an expat mom, an army wife/mom, raising bilingual kids, and the challenges and joys of raising kids outside of the United States. I may also write posts in Spanish from time to time but it will mostly be in English.

I am super excited to be starting this adventure and I hope you will come along for the ride and participate by commenting every now and then!


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